Message from the Director

St. Croix Regional Technical Center provides quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) for high school students in eastern Washington County.  There are nine different trade programs that provide students a foundation for many career pathways.  The trade areas range from Computer Technology to Residential Construction and Business Management to Automotive Technology.  Students earn state licenses in Certified Nursing Assistant.  They earn national certifications from the American Welding Society-AWS and National Restaurant Association-ServSafe.  There are also opportunities for earning college credits, such as six credits in Early Childhood Occupations.  Students achieve all of this while engaging in experiential learning that often involves interacting with the local community through clinical practice and community service projects.

The skills learned at St. Croix Tech are transferrable to any future job.  Safe work practices are our first priority.  Students engage in teamwork, time management, and problem solving.  Their projects require planning and communication.  The career programs provide students the opportunity to take all of the academic skills they have acquired and apply them in a live work setting.  Programs are based on state and national industry standards to teach students the technical skills used in today’s workplace.  All of our instructors have worked in the trade areas they teach and bring that experience to the classroom.  CTE programs provide at least 350 hours of learning to enable students to master skills and earn certifications.  CTE is education with a purpose.

St. Croix Tech is open to all students from Calais, Shead, and Woodland High Schools.  Home-schooled students from these districts can also attend.  There are other unique opportunities at St. Croix Tech such as the National Technical Honor Society that recognizes students for their leadership, skills, and community service.  Students can also participate in SkillsUSA for professional development and the opportunity to compete in their trade area at the state and national level.  To attend one of our programs, call 454-2581 or contact your high school guidance counselor.  You can find us on
Stanley Sluzenski
Director, St. Croix Regional Technical Center

About Us

The St. Croix Regional Technical Center is a proud member of Maine's network of career and technical education (CTE) high schools.

The St. Croix Regional Technical Center (SCRTC) is dedicated to providing first class occupational preparation for the high school students of Eastern Washington County. Programs are designed for students in grades 10 through 12. Instruction is made realistic so that each student is directly challenged to use the learning opportunities presented to: 1) gain and understand required knowledge, 2) acquire necessary skills, and 3) gain the responsible work attitudes expected of successful employees.

Students spend one-half of their day at their own high school and the remainder of the day at the technical center. Transportation from student's high school is provided. At the center, students spend 25-40% of their time in classroom activities and 60-75% of their time in the shop/lab area. Through the development of skills and good work habits, every attempt is made to make the students' experience as much like the "real world" as possible. Successful completion of a course earns three to four credits toward graduation. Application for enrollment in a course at SCRTC is made at the same time that students select their high school courses for the next year.

National Standards

National Standards
As a member of Maine's network of CTE schools, our school is aligned with a set of robust national educational standards for each one of our programs. Our commitment to these national standards means that our students are fully prepared to excel at the career of their choice as soon as they graduate.

What are national educational standards?

National standards are a set of guidelines for each CTE program at each school. In culinary arts, for example, our program is focused on helping students meet or exceed a set of standards defined by a national culinary arts organization. Aligning our programs against these industry standards means that our students are gaining modern, career-oriented knowledge that will fully prepare them for their chosen careers.

Why are national standards important?

Prepared students
Students feel confident knowing they are learning modern skills that will carry over into their jobs.

  • Interested employers
    Employers know that CTE students are fully prepared to excel at their jobs as soon as they graduate.

  • Measurable results
    Each CTE school can measure its success against a common set of guidelines.

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in the St. Croix Regional Technical Center. We welcome your comments or questions. We can be reached by phone, fax, and email.

Phone: 207-454-2581

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