About Us


The Blue Devil Health Center is located on the campus of Calais Middle school and

High School. In addition to school nursing services the Health Center offers ‘Expanded

Medical Services’ for students grades K-12 and ‘Counseling Services’ for students

grades 7-12 with parent/guardian consent to enroll with Blue Devil Health Center. New

Enrollment forms are sent home on the first day of school. We also accept new

enrollment though out the school year. Enrollment packets are available on Calais

School Department website.

The mission of the Health Center is to provide support for the optimal physical and

mental health of our students by providing access to Medical services such as;

diagnosis and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, management of chronic

illnesses(such as asthma), immunizations, prescriptions and physical examinations. As

well as high quality, on-site individual counseling services through the School-Based

Counseling Collaborative. Students can be seen at school, missing less class time, and

parents don't need to miss work for students to receive care.

Blue Devil Health Center has partnered with St. Croix Regional Family Health Center

(SCRFHC) since 2021, providing excellent medical oversight of health services offered

three days a week. As well as collaborated with Aroostook Mental Health Services

(AMHC) to provide quality Mental Health services offered two days a week.

St. Croix Regional Family Health Center provides the medical portion of our services;

including nurse practitioners visits, billing services, and utilization of the Electronic

Medical Record. The service your child receives will follow the same billing process,

including co-pay, deductibles, etc. as they would when you see your Primary Care

Physician or Pediatrician. As a courtesy, the co-pay will be billed to parents, not

collected at time of appointment.

All mental health services are provided through a cooperative contract with Aroostook

Mental Health Services (AMHC). Separate forms for consent and insurance

information are required. AMHC does bill insurance and will bill co-pays as your

insurance plan requires.


Dusty Korasadowicz, RN, School Nurse

Heidi Beal, Administrative Assistant

Parents/guardians are welcome to call the Health Center or the school nurse with any

questions or concerns.

Our phone number is 207-454-8262.

Our fax number is 1-207-800-4959

Blue Devil Health Center